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Travel Information
The first thing to do is read our website and decide what type of fish you want catch and when you want to come, We suggest you have at least two alternative dates for your stay. Then check for flight availability before finally contacting us to book a package using the request form or sending an email to Once you have received our positive confirmation you can finalize preparations for your trip.

Please read the following carefully: it is your own responsibility to check the current valid conditions, the permits and documents you need to visit Canada. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the following information and we decline any responsibility in the case of any misuse of it.

Travel documents
Residents of most European countries like Switzerland, Italy, Germany, do not need a Visa to visit Canada. You just need to have a valid optometric passport. Check the validity dates of your travel documents so that any necessary renewals can be made in time for your departure. For more information on visiting Canada check the link

All major International Airlines like Canada Air, Delta, Lufthansa British Airways, and KLM fly to Vancouver. Canada Air, Hawk Air and Westjet are the only companies that fly to Terrace.
The duration of the flight and fares depend on the airport of departure. From Europe it takes 16 to 18 hours to reach Terrace and ticket prices start at about 1'300 Euros / 1'500 $ depending on the season and flight dates.

The climate in Terrace is mild but humid. Winter time is snowy but not chilly, springtime is fresh but lovely, summer can be hot and fall is crispy.
Bring warm clothes whatever time of the year but in addition some lighter clothes if it's late spring or summer. It is highly recommended to bring a very good rain gears.
Shoes have to be comfortable and water resistant, light trekking Gore-Tex boots are perfect.

Photo and/or video camera
Pocket knife Swiss army style.
Flash Light
Anti flies spray (Anti Brum red bottle is very good).
Pain relief medicament

Driving license
As a visitor, you can drive in B.C. for up to 6 months with a valid driver’s licence from your home country. We also suggest that in addition to this you bring an International Driving Permit.

Alcoholic beverages
Currently at the lodge we do not serve or sell alcoholic beverages. You can buy your preferred drink at one of the several Liquor Stores in Terrace and store it, if necessary, in the refrigerator at the lodge.
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