Steelhead And Salmon Fishing

We ars to our guest to read the following guidelines. A written copy of the guidelines can be found in each room.

Notes for the guest

  1. Respect the other persons in the lodge, their belonging and the environment.
  2. We like you to enjoy the evening under our porch but it is a good manner to be quiet after 10 pm
  3. We serve dinner from 7:00 to 7:30. Changes on the schedule are accepted on a exceptional base.
  4. Before 6:30 am we serve only Continental Breakfast
  5. Don’t enter in the rooms with waders, boots or other wet garments. There are a dedicated dressing and drying room where you can leave them. We can provide you with slippers to be used inside the lodge.
  6. Always make sure to close always the main entrance door or the garage door. This will prevent the mosquito or the black fly to enter in the house and in winter time to keep out the cold.
  7. Please help us to reduce our impact on the environment and be Eco-friendly.
  8. Keep the light on only for the necessary time you need them.
  9. Do not leave any garbage in the environment at any time anywhere. At the lodge there are many garbage bins to use. If you are out fishing or touring collect all your waste in a plastic bag and bring it back at the lodge.
  10. In order to have more space in the rooms, we suggest you to store your clothes in the closet. Empty luggage can be stored in a dedicated closet in the laundry room.
  11. The Deep Creek lodge is a free smoke environment, smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Lodge.There are ashtrays on the tables under the covered terrace.
  12. At the lodge we don’t sell any alcoholic beverages. If you wish for your personal use you could buy them at one of the several Liquor Shops located in Terrace.
  13. Drink wisely, drunk disturbances are not tolerated.
  14. We make available a safe to store securely your personal documents and values.
  15. If you wish to smoke your catches make sure to provide them on time. The smoking process requires at least 4 days.
  16. Any purchase and smoking of salmon, requires at least 7 days notice.
  17. Remember to check your airline baggage limits and your final country destination import fish limit.
  18. Those who wish that their photos and name are NOT to appear on the website of the Lodge or on Facebook, are requested to notify it promptly.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us.
Enjoy your stay.

Francesco & Sara
Deep Creek Lodge