Steelhead And Salmon Fishing


The Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Fly fishing for steelhead is a point of no return; this marine rainbow trout will put up a hell of a fight with jumps, runs and holding positions. Landing one of these silver arrows is not an easy job. The Skeena water system is world famous for it's steelhead runs. What it makes the area so special the area is the high number of fishes that return to the spawning ground and their average site of between 8 to 20 pounds.
Spring the addiction season
Snow white capped mountains, crispy crystal air, cold ginger clear low waters flow placidly before the melting season arrives. This is the time for the addicted steelhead fisherman that is looking for a fight with the most aggressive and strongest Skeena steelhead of the year. From late April the first run of Chinooks enter the Skeena and at any time are available coastal cutthroats, dolly varden and bull trout.
Season: from late March to mid May
Rivers: the fish action will be on the world famous Skeena, Kalum, Copper, Kitimat rivers and on other tributaries less known but equally productive.
Summer hot fishing
This is the time of the steelhead’s biggest migration of the year. All these fishes have three things in common: they are all fresh from sea and never saw a fly, they are chromed and powerful, no matter to which river their are heading, all these steelhead are swimming in the Skeena. The summer is the season of the trophy catch.
Season from mid July to mid September
Rivers: Skeena, Copper
Legends of the Fall
The legendary season for steelhead fishing in the Skeena region. Last fresh summer steelheads are rushing the Skeena river and his tributaries to join the other many steelheads that holding their position in the pools of the Skeena tributaries. Maybe the time spent in the river from the summer remind to these steelheads of their time spent as young rainbow and that is why that some of them would take a dry fly. This is the tim to fly fishermen to enter into the legend.
Season from mid September to end October
Rivers: Skeena, Kalum, Copper, Nass valley tributaries
Winter cold
Snow and harsh cold weather could storm the Skeena region anytime in November but a fight with a steelhead can warm up the chilliest body and soul. Steelheads are running and available all the winter but after the month of November old winter lays on the region and only locals fishermen dare to challenge the steelheads.
Season from beginning to end of November
River Skeena, Kalum
Skeena Steelhead Facts (source
Specie: Oncorhynchus mykiss. The steelhead is a rainbow trout that
spends from one to five years in fresh water, and make long marine migrations into the North Pacific and the Gulf of Alaska then returns to fresh water to spawn. Spawning occurs in the spring, not all steelhead die after they spawn; many return to the sea; some even make it back to spawn again.
Length: 50-85 cm max 120cm
Weight: 5 – 9 Kg max 21kg
The exact distribution is controlled by cooler ocean temperatures, north of the 15°C isotherm, from southern California to Alaska Peninsula.
They are broadly referred to as the summer-run and winter-run steelhead. The first enter fresh water from early spring to late fall of the year prior to spawning. Winter-runs enter the river from late fall to early spring. Summer-run fish enter the river while still immature and reach full maturity while holding in fresh water. Later winter-runs are fully mature when they arrive.