Steelhead And Salmon Fishing

Fishing for Steelhead Salmon and Trout, trekking, biking, canoeing, and climbing are just some of the numerous outdoors activities that are on offer in the Skeena region. In addition, Eco-tour trips offer the possibility of discovering enchanting landscapes and encountering wild animal like bears and moose. Be ready to capture the moment with your camera or camcorder.
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Wildlife that you may encounter includes black bears, grizzly bears, moose, bald eagle, wolves, coyotes, beavers and more. The Kermodei Bear or the Spirit Bear is a very rare black bear with a white fur. It is said that seeing a Kermodei bear is sign of good luck. There are many specialized trip for grizzly or whale watching or just simply drive and be luck to spot wildlife on the road. Luckily you could spot wildlife directly in the lodge property.
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Eco-Tours Discover the many Parks of the region to experience the splendour of the nature, visit the First Nation native history and arts sites. The Nisga’a Valley or Lava Valley, the Kitselas Canyon, the Tall Totems, the Glacier Tour are some of the favourites tours that combine nature and history, in alternative you can customize your own North-west BC tour.
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Outdoors Terrace is your gateway to the paradise fort outdoor adventure in the Northwest. From the mountain playgrounds to the raging rivers, get set to easily access four seasons of fun and excitement. Hiking, Biking, Golfing, Swimming, Climbing, Skiing are only some of the or many activities for your thrilling adventure.
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Terrace City
Shopping in Terrace offers a diverse range with some great independent boutiques, shops and studios, as well as, Big Box Stores both downtown and on the fringes of the city. Terrace has a wide variety of indoor activities, some of which are seasonal. Each facility has a summary of the kind of activities you can expect. If you are in Terrace, call for schedules, programs, activities, etc.