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2015, Report
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August Fishing Report- Skeena salmon jamboree

Due to the low water conditions and the hot weather the Kitimat river has been productive only until the mid of August with Chum, Pink and Coho. Bye bye Kitimat, see you next April 2016 for the amazing Steelhead spring run. Fishing on the Skeena has been excellent through all August, all 5 salmon species and steelheads were running happily the Skeena currents and our guests enjoyed the excellent fishing. Until mid of August prime target were the Chinooks and after all the hard working what a better reward than a 30 pounder on the fly! Later in the month fresh silvery summer Steelheads made their appearance in good numbers and guests emotions climbed at the top. Coho, Sockeye and Pinks completed the wild bunch.
With the end of August Steelhead and Coho will run the Skeena for the upcoming fall season gran finale.

2015, Report
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July Fishing Report- Unleash the dog

From mid July, the weather conditions changed to rain and fresh air. Salmon seemed to appreciate being more active and aggressive toward a nice pinky fly. Last Chinooks already colored but in good shape were caught on the Kitimat and other tributaries. Pinks salmon showed up a little bit earlier this year probably due to the hot weather conditions. They are the beginner’s choice but experienced angler using enjoy challenging them with light tackle.
The Chum salmon - or like the call it in the USA the dog salmon - started to enter in good numbers and size the Kitimat river around the 20 July and they took the fly quite eagerly. This underrated salmon is in my opinion the strongest salmon per pound that a fly angler can hook. A 15 pounder will test your 7/8 fly rod to the limit.

2015, Report
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June Fishing Report- The King season

The chinook is undoubtedly the most powerful salmon in the world and having one of this train running out all your reel line is really something unforgettable. 2015 season start has been very hot and not only for the fishing but for the weather conditions with clear sky sun shining with temperatures up to 35°Celsius. The first chinook start entering the Kitimat by mid of June thru end of June. Fresh silver and aggressive salmon is what you need as fly angler. Lodge guests managed to land several fishes over 9kg (20 lbs) with the record of 18kg (40 lbs). Due to the hot weather springs salmon were particularly active in the very early morning”

2015, Report
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April Fishing Report

For the whole month of April 2015 a steady run of steelhead has made our guest very happy. The hard casting has been rewarded with an average of 2-3f big and fresh steelhead of 5-7kg (12-15 lbs). Spring steelhead is not about number but about strong fresh big steelhead.
2014, Report
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August Fishing Report

Month of the Northwest Big Slam, Chinook, Sockeye, Pinks, Chum, Coho and Steelhead are possible to be caught on the same day. Skeena chinook run was fair meanwhile the sockeyes run was sized about 3.5 millions of fishes. Despite the even year pinks in the Skeena were abundant as last year. Steelhead started to enter in numbers and many were caught. On the Kitimat our guests were able to catch hundreds pinks per day with occasionally some nice chum and the first northern coho.


2014, Report
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July Fishing Report

Red zone start by mid of July when millions of sockeyes enter the Skeena together with Pinks, Chinooks and Steelhead. The Skeena is a big river and can intimidate the fishermen, but big river means big emotions whether they are positive or negative. It is always worth to give it a try or two or more. The fishing in the Kitimat river has been steadily good with nice chrome chinook still entering the river by the middle of the month. Pink in motions and nasty chum completed the salmon army.


2014, Report
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June Fishing Report

The Chinook season is the time when it comes to play hard and it is not the quantity but the size that is matter. The Kitimat has been in great shape and has delivered a good number of nasty and strong Chinooks. Our guests had about 20 fishes average size 6-7kg with the biggest one of 15kg caught by Annamaria and Matteo.


2014, Report
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May Fishing Report

By the end of the steelhead season, it starts the Chinook season. The melting season this year started earlier and the poor water condition limited the action on all rivers of the region. Ocean fishing was the unique choice to get some fishing action for salmon, halibut and other fish species. First Chinooks enter in the Kitimat enter as usual at the end of May, and luckily by this time the water condition improved so far that the Kitimat was fishable. Our guests caught in total 15 nice springs chinooks, average size 6-7kg with one 10kg and one of 15kg.


2014, Report
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April Fishing Report

Chromed shadows silently swim in the river currents. The spring run is all about big Steelhead, this mean that fishermen will have though time. All guest at the lodge were able to engage fight and land at least one steelhead. Average size of the catches 5-6kg with one nice fish about 7kg caught by Daniel on a single hand rod. From beginning to mid of April the Kitimat and some coastal river of the Douglas Channel were the places to fish, from mid April until the end of the month the Kalum came alive with his big steelhead. In the Skeena and in some of his tributaries was fair fishing thru all month of April.

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2014, News
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The Spirit Bear (Kermode Bear)

For the Native American culture, the Kermode bear is known as the Spirit Bear.
According to one of many Native American stories, the spirit bear was made white by the creator of the universe to remind its people the past period of time known as the ice age. It was said that the creator did this to remind the native people of the previous hardship living in all the snow and ice. In addition, in some tribes, the white spirit bear stands for harmony and peace. The White Bears to this day are still called Moksgm’ol, by the Kitasoo and T’simshian people.
Source (

The Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei, pron. kerr-MO-dee), also known as a "spirit bear" (particularly in British Columbia), is a subspecies of the North American Black Bear living in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada. It is noted for about 1⁄10 of their population having white or cream-coloured coats. This colour morph is due to recessive genes common in the population. They are not albinos and not any more related to polar bears or the "blonde" brown bears of Alaska's "ABC Islands" than other members of their species. Sometimes a black mother can have a white cub.
A male Kermode bear can reach 225 kg (500 lb) or more, females are much smaller with a maximum weight of 135 kg (300 lb). Straight up it stands 180 cm (6 ft) tall.
It is estimated that there are fewer than 400 Kermode bears in the coast area that stretches from Southeast Alaska southwards to the northern tip of Vancouver Island.
Source (Wikipedia)

The pictures were taken on May 6 2014.

Deep Creek Lodge Experience 2013

2013, News
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Ski and Stay Terrace Winter 2013

Experience some of the best powder in the world. Only 35km from Terrace, skiing & snowboarding at Terrace’s Shames Mountain.
Ski and Stay at the Deep Creek Lodge. The perfect combination for your winter skiing vacation.

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2013, News
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Fall Newsletter 2013


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2013, Report
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Is always a warm feeling to have a good time with best friends.

2013, Report
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Family Traditions

Marino and Michele from Ticino Switzerland, enjoyed their stay in our Lodge catching pinks and lot of northern coho in the ocean. They used our lodge as logistic base to leave to Yukon to get big monster lake trout.

2013, Report
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Midsummer Newsletter 2013

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2013, Report
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Fabio, Gaetano e Giovanni

2013, Report
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Fausto and Gianni

Fausto and Giovanni our most "experienced" lodge's guests.

2013, Report
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A & A

Alfio and Arno two brothers from Ticino nailed hundreds of pinks with the jig.

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2013, Report
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Newsletter Spring-Summer 2013

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2013, Report
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Super Mario

from Italy came here to hunt for big chinook and was caught in the pinks frenzy. He hooked some nice chinook a couple of nasty chum and lots of fresh and aggressive pinks. Was a pleasure to host Mario and we hope to se him again soon.

2013, Report
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Pirates of Caribbean

Adolfo and Nicolas from Bahamas like braves pirates raid the pacific ocean looking for Halibut and dungeon crabs. They fought their last epic battle on the Kitimat river to dome the mighty Chinook and bring back to the Bahamas island the precious treasure..

2013, Report
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from Switzerland stayed at the lodge from 24 may to 3 June and she had a lot fun. Eco-touring there region was the main activity and she had the chance to spot bears, bald eagles, coyote, moose and a humpback whale. As grand finale she had a fantastic fishing day on the Pacific Ocean.

2013, News
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Newsletter Spring Steelhead 2013

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2013, Report
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Paolo and Steelhead

Paolo came here at the lodge to make true his dream of catching a steelhead. I did catch more than one but he still dreaming for the next ones.


2013, News
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April 2013 Season Opening

With April the first will start the fishing season 2013 at the Deep Creek Lodge. The main target will be the spring steelheads that are already swimming in the Skeena and Kitimat waters. From the second half of April, Spring chinooks will make their first appearance. Dolly Varden and Cutthroat are a valid alternative for a relaxing day of fishing. Wish that the spring season would last longer.
For the start of the season we offer the following package:
Spring River, 2'500 $CAD +taxes per person. Rate based on a group of 3.
Package includes: 7 nights, full board, double room and 3 fishing days guided in river,
Offer valid from 1st of April 2013 until 31st of May 2013.
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